Signature Relaxing Full Body Massage – $45 (45 minutes) or $60 (60 minutes)

It’s our Signature relaxing full-body treatment that reduces stress and fatigue while improving circulation and joint flexibility. Retreat to a blissful state of body and mind relaxation!

Head, Shoulder, & Back Massage – $45 (30 minutes)

A treatment to release endorphin’s into the blood stream increasing your energy level. This treatment starts with a relaxing back massage and finishes with a shoulder, neck and head massage.

Hot Stone Massage – $75 (1 hour), $100 (1.5 hours), or $125 (1.75 hours)

Feeling adventurous? Why not try something a little different? This treatment uses heated stones which are both strategically placed on the body and also used to massage with. The warmth generates a deep penetrating heat. This can help reduce muscle tension and assist circulation. Your skilled therapist will masterfully combine warm stones with gentle strokes to relax those achy muscles.